How to get a rise out of me

This CNN Money article just about does it.

How to get a raise at the new manager-free Zappos

So a company’s pay practices — how much you’ll be paid, how to get a raise — are kind of a big deal for employees.

At the popular online shoe emporium, however, those pay practices have become big question marks as the company attempts to go all-in on becoming a “self-managed” enterprise.

“We don’t know yet what we’re going to end up with. We may end up with several ways to set compensation,” said Darshan Bhatt, a senior developer at Zappos who is part of the group debating how to structure pay practices.

Uh huh. Keep talking Darshan. Maybe people will miss this picture of me randomly inserted into this trash posing as journalism.

Me serving cookies

I’d also like to thank the group of Zapponians who posed for this photo – in a hierarchical pyramid. Really guys?!

Zapponian pyramid

Of course, I mentioned badges this past Monday, but Darshan let the badger out of the bag several days before, to the lamestream media nonetheless!

Betting on badges: Right now the company is considering a few methods to establish pay levels.

One possibility involves “badges.” Badges would represent different skill sets and certifications. Someone’s current job likely could be broken down into a few of them.

But only some badges are going to be “compensation badges,” Bhatt said.

Those compensation badges would go through a longer approval process and must be reviewed by the compensation circle, which will be charged with setting competitive pay rates for different skills.

The skills and pay level that a compensation badge represents will be published and available for everyone at Zappos to see.

If all of this leaves you with the impression that I have no idea what’s going on inside my own company, then you are sadly mistaken. I’m a doctor and scientist rolled into one. Call me Dr. Frankenhsieh. I’ll soon unveil my (complete) creation in all its wondrous glory. Until then, back to the laboratory.

Me in the lab


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