Emails from Zapponians, #9

Vitamin Water


During all hands you invited us to email you directly. I’ve held off emailing you in hopes that someone else would bring up one of the longest standing issues at Zappos, at least since we moved downtown. AFAIK, no one has brought this to your attention so here goes…

When will there be Vitamin Water stocked in the vending machines?

Forever thirsty,


I’d love to help you out with this flavored H2O problem, but I’m not in charge anymore. Remember, I gave up my authority and powers when I sent out that teal email. You’ll need to raise this tension with the appropriate circle. Simply go into Glassfrog, search for “Vitamin water approver”, get no results, then search for “Campus”, listen for crickets, then search for “Food service”, admire the picture of Chef Boyarbistro, then go to the nearest circle that seems like they might have something to do with the drink vending machines. They’ll be able to take care of this for you, as long as I allocate them the budget to do so. It feels good to be self-organized, doesn’t it?


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