Reader feedback, #2

I’m happy to provide the second round of feedback from some of you, dear readers. Where possible, I’ll provide my tealest of teal thoughts.

Teal from the rich and give to the poor.


Robinhood - tealing from the rich

tony, curious why your head of mktg isn’t on the “offer” list. we know his “contract” position was meant to simulate the severance but in the interest of tealness and llamas, why not just come clean?

What is this “head of marketing” you speak of? I only know of Lead Links, Rep Links, Cross Links, and Sausage Links.

Would it be possible to get the Kool-aid in powder form? I’ve heard some people express the desire to just snort it and get the effects faster.

A very popular request. I wouldn’t know about snorting it, but I’ll take your word for it.

I am not going to lie. I love your satire. It is amazing. I am also extremely disappointed in your comment around Akrop. It is rather bullsh*t how Tony, Fred and Arun have treated him. He is the only voice of reason fighting for the company and in doing so has garnered a ton of dislike from Arun and Tony. You can probably tell by Arun announcing Mike is leaving without Mike even knowing it. That’s pretty f*cked up in my opinion.

Wait, this is satire? I’m 100% teal. Cut me open and see the color of my blood. It seems like you have a tension you want to process. Tell you what, bring this up at your next Holacracy circle meeting. If you’re a few circles down from the GCC circle, raise it and let your Rep Link carry it up the chain. They’ll take it to the next circle up. The Rep Link there will then take it to the next circle. Rinse and repeat until it finally reaches me in the GCC. From there I’ll press my publisher to crank out more copies of the Where’s Waldo Special Edition books to help us find your friend. Until then, ciao.

You’re a huge fan of Jim Collins. He wrote a book called, “How the Mighty Fall.” In that book there are 5 stages to failure. I have heard rumblings that Zappos is in stage 4 right now. What are your thoughts on that?

Is this like the five stages of grief? If so, we’re depressed, which is impossible because we’re the HAPPIEST COMPANY IN THE GALAXY.

There is a rumor going around that Teal + Holacracy under your regime is similar to a form of communism. Everyone is told they are equal and they can create their own path, yet the “Friends of Tony” are rumored to have seen rather large increases in their salary and promotions and title changes like crazy. This is very similar to communism. With that being said, who would win in a Fight, Putin or you?

No communism here, just good old apple pie and Holacracy. No despotism at work here either. I’m too busy delivering happiness for any of that. As for your last (great) question: I’d win, without a doubt. But first we’d go horseback riding…

Putin an dme


Don’t forget Zach…

Oh, I haven’t. I’m still holding out hope that he and Kelly get back together.

Zack and Kelly

Can someone explain what a people point is? All I can imagine it is would be people pointing at one another, just as they will be once it’s time to decide who adds value in a circle and how much money they should make as a result. Wait, that sounds like the Hunger Games. Is it?

I need to convince the Buncher to guest post here some day soon to explain the brilliance of people points. I’m thinking it’ll be less Hunger Games and more like a good old Survivor style tribunal. And, yes, I may record all of these events to be televised. Jeffrey keeps pestering me to keep getting them checks. Every little bit helps.

Hah, I live in Vegas and love it. Thought you might like this:

First one to click that link is a Nigerian Prince’s dream come true. Not gonna be able to do it.

Keep sending your tips, tricks, words of praise, and teal trinkets my way.


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