Emails from Zapponians, #7

The Buncher!

first, i realize you want me to change the name to “decihuman points” but it’s not catchy. you need alliteration for even the best ideas to stick, trust me on this one.
second, can you get these decihumans to fill in their people points? my crystal clear email isn’t getting the traction we both thought it would. i’m beginning to think we have a company full of slackers who can’t divide themselves up into 1% pieces. as lead link, i’d like you to put in place a policy that people points submission is mandatory – or else. i leave it to you to decide what “or else” means in this case.

People points slice and dice em

Implementing people points.

Alright, people points it is, only because I’m still struggling with whether to remove the “.com” from the Zappos logo. I can only handle so many branding exercises at once.

As for your second point – slow down there Buncher. These things take time. I’m not sure why you think we can rush a massive change and revolutionary idea like people points. We have to ease our decihumans into this. I don’t want to set any bad precedences by putting in place rushed policies that encourage other lead links to do the same for their circles. Maybe try sending out an email in a similar manner as I’m doing to explain Holacracy to the world? I’ve gotten rave reviews from so many people on my approach there. Follow in my footsteps, grasshopper.


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