The 2nd greatest book ever published is now available for purchase!

2nd best book - ever?Forget about Harry Potter. 50 Shades. Da Vinci Code. The Bible. Today is the day you can pick up a life changing tome by the high priest creator of Holacracy, Brian Robertson. Some say it’s ridiculous to think that a 30-something software engineer has created the next revolution in organization management systems. They’ll argue that someone with so little experience and knowledge on the complex topic could not possibly invent something so powerful that it caused the inventor of Getting Things Done to say, “I’d give my left arm and Palm Pilot to have had Holacracy 25 years earlier.” But it’s true, Brian has achieved what few can lay claim to in a lifetime’s worth of work, thus the jealousy.

I’m, of course, not jealous. I’m happy and I deliver happiness everyday. I like to think that, in a way, I helped put Brian on the map. Just as Einstein, Edison, Elvis and The Everly Brothers each had their agents, I act as a sort of agent for Mr. Robertson. I make sure his business expands. Do I get a cut of the action? I’m not at liberty of revealing that, but I think we can all agree that it’s more than fair if I were to receive a 10% cut of all revenue Brian generates. Without me, boy genius is still toiling with helping 100 person companies run on his game changing management system. With me, Brian can point to the wildly successful Holacracy implementation at the happiest company on the planet. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I’m expecting copies of this revolutionary business book to sell out fast. In fact, word is spreading that this may be the first ever e-book edition to sell out! Purchase your copy today and I guarantee your life and the lives in your organization will change forever. If they don’t, wait a while longer. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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