Emails from Zapponians, #6

The next time you invite me to speak at All Hands, can we make sure it’s not:
A) Last minute with my talk causing people to want to slit their wrists or…
B) A time when a good number of the people in my circle want me fired?
I’m not complaining. It’s just a hard time right now. The inmates are definitely running the asylum at this point. As a “thinking of you” gift, a friend sent me a can of mace. Another friend gave me a switchblade. A switchblade! I’m not sure what is going on here but it’s not good.
I hope things are going better for you. I thought you were going to cry up on that stage. The last time I remember anything like that happening is when I was up there giving that last minute pep talk about how difficult things can get here at the Zappos family.
Trying my best to keep it teal,
Rob S.

Hang in there Rob. Don’t leap off that ledge. It’s going to be alright. Trust me. We’ll keep bringing you up on the stage as long as the cowardly lion insists on being a last resort, a hail Mary of All Hands talks. You’re doing great. Look, people said they wanted me to take the offer. Did I listen? No way. I got out there, stuck my pen in my heart, and spilled it all over the stage. I let it bleed, as did you. We’re blood brothers now. We bleed teal. Don’t think I don’t notice that. You’re stronger than the rest. Keep smiling. Keep keeping it teal. And, maybe learn to use that mace and switchblade. We do work in downtown Las Vegas, you know?


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