Emails from Zapponians, #5

Well, this is awkward.

Hi Tony,
I’m not happy. I had a good manager. Forget the title, the guy was a good dude and strong leader. Now he’s off playing Lawrence of Arabia rather than here working with me and the others who decided to stick around. Did you get that? You made the Middle East look appealing! That’s one way to deliver “WOW”.
What the teal?
Lawrence of Arabia

Sounds like your former manager wanted to pursue his passion in the booming economy that is the Middle East. And you know who gave him the opportunity to pursue that passion? That’s right, me. Doesn’t sound so bad when you look at it that way, does it? In fact, it doesn’t sound bad at all. I’m looking forward to peace in the Middle East. Only a former Zapponian can pull that off.


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