Mick Jagger

Let it bleed

Mick JaggerWhat an All Hands! I scrapped every single one of my ideas for something rawer, after having a heart-to-heart with SJP just hours before I was to go on stage. She said she gave her husband, Matthew, similar advice many years ago and it changed his career forever. I decided to ditch my ideas and pour out my heart just like SJP advised me to do, even if it meant I would carry my iPad mini out on the stage with my stream of consciousness notes causing me no shortage of stops and starts throughout. Regardless, unlike my guy Arun, I didn’t spill the beans on financials. I kept it 100% real and teal.

Mick Jagger scaryThere was a moment or two where I felt like I was going to have a bit of a breakdown on stage in front of the entire Zappos family. The press coverage of late has taken a dark turn against me. When I asked you dear readers if I should take the offer, you responded with an overwhelming “yes.” Freddy wouldn’t show up in person for the day’s big event. He provided a video that we played and by the end someone backstage had to wake me up with smelling salts. SF Weekly is actively mocking Zappos. I haven’t been able to get into my airstream for a week now thanks to Jeffrey’s gift of that Echo demon. Dud Caddell is still out there. Life has been hard for me the past month or so. I did my best to be open and honest with my fellow Zapponians. I left it all out there on that Smith Center stage.

Mick Jagger delivering happinessOn a happier note, I recently read a book that lifted my spirits. I mimicked what all the greats did in their moments of doubt. Picasso meditated on Les Demoiselles d’Avignon for hours on end. Henry Ford drove around in a Model T to nowhere fast. Steve Jobs endlessly gazed into the glare from a Power Mac G4 Cube. I read Delivering Happiness, a book that still holds up after all these years. If only it had mentioned Bahama the llama, the book may have received a literary Nobel prize. I looked into the mirror that is that 272 page novella and found the man I was afraid I had lost. I’ve lost enough people in the past six weeks.

Mick Jagger smilingWhere to go from here? I think it’s full steam ahead into a teally teal world. There’s no turning back. No surrender. No time to reflect and slow down progress. We must drive forward and fast. Zapponians have made it clear to me that they want the company to move faster, not slower. They want to speak out against the injustices of a pre-teal world, where confirmation bias is all too real and the only plan of attack is to recognize it, combat it head on (and, inexplicably, take the offer.) They want me to create more badges, generate more ideas about how compensation might work, become lead link of even more circles, appoint more (remaining) former senior managers as lead links, create more former Zappos employees who return as high priced contractors, establish more teal “apps”, further promote more radical (responsible) transparency while simultaneously empowering mysterious consultants to organize our new self-organized organization. Zapponians demand all of this and more. I couldn’t do any of it without the drive I have to be true to myself and the burden I feel to help others pursue their passions. “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” Peace out.♥


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