Where’s Waldo?

Today we’re going over the financials with the Zappos family. Numbers aren’t important, pursuing passion is, but Jeffrey and crew seem to care about numbers an awful lot. It doesn’t seem to matter whether those numbers are red or black for Jeffrey’s main biz, but Zappos has to be in the black and then some. I tried publishing our last quarter’s numbers in teal. Jeffrey had the doc printed out and then set it on fire as he was on video chat with the Zappos #legacyleaders-noleaders-notsurewhoweareanymore-circle during our last quarterly biz review.

It’s pretty normal to have your CFO present these numbers. We won’t. There are a couple great reasons for this.

  1. Zappos isn’t normal, we’re teal. We don’t have titles. (GOT IT ARUN?!) Speaking of Arun, he’ll be one of the guys presenting the numbers today. He’s always willing to step in and do whatever it takes. Truly a teal kind of guy. Though, he did ask me if it’s alright to update his LinkedIn profile with “CFO” in addition to “COO”, “CTO”, etc. Really, man?
  2. I can’t find the guy who held the CFO title before we went teal. He’s gone MIA on us. As a result, I’m having my favorite publisher, Hachette, put out a new book to help us find our guy Mike. If you find him, please let me know. It’s one thing for a decihuman to take “the offer“, it’s another for a decihuman to go 0% without me knowing.

Where's Mike?


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