Zapponians in space

In a move that will garner begrudging respect from Bond villains around the world, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos secretly launched an uncrewed rocket to space yesterday from his private launch facility in the Texas desert.

New Scientist

Little known fact: Jeffrey and I have a deal. He let’s me take Zappos teal as long as I supply his “uncrewed” rockets with victims guinea pigs cargo passengers. The final numbers are in and it’s safe to say “the offer” will supply plenty of decihumans to board Jeffrey’s rocketships.

Hey, don’t pin me as a bad guy here. First of all, nearly everyone dreams of one day going to space. Here’s their chance. Secondly, read the small print of “the offer” very closely. This is all within legal limits, at least in countries like Texas.

One small step for Jeffrey’s ego, one giant step for tealdom.


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