Reader feedback, #1

Here it is dear readers, the first round of feedback from some of you out there who took the time to say something. Some of you submitted “stuff” I will not divulge. I’ll leave some quick thoughts after each submission. Here we go…

You should set up a forum open for everyone to post instead of censoring people’s “Say Somethings”. This is pretty teal of you…

As I’ve asked many Zapponians over the past several weeks, “What are you doing to solve this problem?”

I guess I could be condemned as an “arm chair quarterback” but I am still a close observer of the day to day soap opera dramas created by the winds of change which are blowing through the former eagles nest of Oscar Goodman. Simply put, whether this change is necessary or a good thing at all, the communication of this change has been clumsy, unclear and overall inadequate. Those who are feeling anxiety over change are also feeling bullied and ignored by the ones who find themselves with new powers in teal. Human nature has a way of coming through the cracks like a weed and this zapponian drama is playing itself out like a Shakespearian tragedy. Brian Robertson, in a misinformed appearance on NPR, assured his radio host that a “lord of the flies” scenario would not happen. News flash! It already has begun. Of course the ones appointed and anointed to carry out Holocracy are happy because they are in control. They are so inept in their communication skills and abilities to explain Holocracy, any changes and how they will affect people’s lives, if it wasn’t so sad, it would be completely laughable. The are viewed as bullies with no clear answers- do as I say, not as I do! They’re favorite stock answer for any question, usually a fairly consice one, is “well, maybe this place isn’t for you”. This is nothing but insulting and degrading to people who have had the blessing of a place that truly used to embrace happiness. Let the grand experiment continue. Let’s hope some people realize that one of the nobler qualities of being human is to be HUMANE.

You nailed it in the first sentence. You ARE condemned as an armchair quarterback. After you start your own multi-billion dollar company, we’ll talk. Until then, maybe you can get a job with Quartz?

Thank you for writing this. Set up a bitcoin address

Actually, I’m working on a new currency (other than zollars) – Llamacoin. Be on the lookout.

I wonder if Tony is turning into a crazy Howard Hughes type.

I wonder if you’re turning into a troll?

You are my hero
Please keep this going, it’s the only thing keeping me sane

Finally, some honesty! Shalom.

Thanks for sharing your true thoughts Tony.

Anytime. You’re welcome.

If you can’t explain something to someone clearly, it means you do not understand the concept yourself.
-The Dolly Llama

I live by this quote from one of the greats, The Dolly Llama. Thank you for the reminder!



i love you and this blog


Fear and Loathing In Downtown Las Vegas – A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Happiness Dream

I was somewhere around Seventh Street on the edge of gentrification when reality began to take hold. I remember saying to myself something like “I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe I should leave…” And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around me and the sky was filled with what looked like a huge praying mantis, fire roaring from it’s bouncing antenna. I ran. Heart pounding. The night’s hairdryer wind had a stale smell of spilled beer and body odor. I find myself stopping on a corner where an unassuming blue neon sign hangs. Where the rest of the neon in old downtown Las Vegas shares a common promise: all your money woes will be lifted if you come into our seedy establishment like a moth hovering near death, this sign was promising something oddly similar. Happiness.

In this 21st century dilemma, the pursuit of happiness has seemingly replaced our Father’s pursuit of giving their children a better opportunity than they had. Somewhere there’s been a shift. Nowhere better is this showcased than within the cultural petri dish that is Zappos. The messiah Tony Hsieh walks to work with the gaze of star struck onlookers eagerly wanting him to dip them under the cool baptismal waters where the sins of unhappiness can be washed away. White as snow.

Promising happiness is the biggest over promise that Zappos is guilty of. It’s getting some competition these days with the PR driven false promise of self organization and free will. Where Zappos is great about over delivering to their customers (don’t look at the wait times right now), their employees are a different story. Half cocked ideas and rushed announcements deliver a sense of empowerment that isn’t a reality.

To be continued….

Related…My therapist recently told me I have a “messiah complex.” I forgave him.

Fake Tony, once your company culture becomes one of your products it can no longer be organic. #thoughtfortheday

I’m 100% authentic, just like Zappos culture.

Great work

Thanks! You too!

Keep sending your tips, tricks, words of praise, and teal trinkets my way.


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